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Who we are

My name is Federico Figueredo, I am a graphic designer currently placing my wholehearted attention to the exciting world of gaming. Specifically we’re here to talk about roleplaying games and see if we can make this medium into something that you can use to go wherever you want and have the kind of fun that you want to have.

Cue to flashback scene

I’ve been involved with roleplaying games since 1999 (give or take.) I had been in contact with the hobby previously and had even purchased some books (I still have my D&D basic boxed set) but I had never actually played before. From that point on RPGs (roleplaying games) have joined me wherever I went and I have seen and enjoyed the activity in very different ways.

I remember my first roleplaying encounters quite fondly. It was infancy all over again! I found myself in front of a (imaginary) world vast and exciting and wishing I could see it all and do everything. I even remember having my characters poke random NPCs to see if they would react! Even back then something ticked in my brain and deep down I knew that I was hooked for good. Almost 10 years later, here we are.

Drop the dice is born

The idea, no… the urge to create this site came to me in 2008 in a special moment of my life, gaming wise. I was pretty dissatisfied with gaming in my life and the direction it had taken: I knew that this was the hobby for me but somehow I wasn’t getting much satisfaction out of it. Luckily I snapped out of the gloom and decided to do something about it.

It all comes to a journey of change and discovery, almost every serious project that we undertake has deep effects on who we are and what we do… this is no exception. Drop the dice is a place that exists here and is available for everyone, for roleplaying and gaming in general. To take games as a medium for fun and to bring fun into every day of our lives. To give you the tools to make gaming yours and have the kind of fun that you want. That’s our purpose.

Welcome to drop the dice.

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