Let’s get Something Clear

15 09 2008

Because I’ve seen some general confusion regarding this topic, I thought I would shed some light on an issue that seems to be corroding the minds of the youth worldwide…

3 Simple Things

fun and wacky

Dragon Ball: fun and wacky.

That is a rather fun and wacky series about a weird little guy that travels around the world with a greedy and liberal (liberal as in “I’ll loose my panties if it get’s the job done”) girl trying to find some mystical stones that can grant you a wish if found. Along the way, we have a cast of very memorable characters and a rather witty humor. Good times.

Dull and pointless.

Dragon Ball Z: dull and pointless.

That is a rather stupid and endless series of dick measurement and “gee I wonder if the same think that happened with the last ten thousand bad guys is going to happen again” moments that stole quite a few days of my young life. It has its moments, and they are trying to stay afloat in a sea of mediocrity.

The mother of all evil!

The mother of all evil!

This is the single worst plot device that I’ve ever seen… certainly the first that I saw in a movie/tv series. You D&D people have nothing on Dragon Ball… they started messing with fluff and crunch waaay before you did, and did so in such a way that I’m sure you wouldn’t dare to try. It’s in your face! much like that Wizard that can’t help the stressed out fighter because he “might want to use the Sleep spell later” or the cleric that can’t use his Sacred Flame to cook some sausages.

Final Words

No scouters, that’s for sure. And be on the lookout for meta-game considerations that creep into your game. Nothing breaks suspension of disbelief like someone telling you that you can’t hit the orc in the arm because “the rules don’t support that.” Quick one today, be on the lookout for more roleplaying goodness soon.




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15 09 2008

This post… this post has, like, a power level of… of over 9000!

15 09 2008

Thank you very much for making me laugh a lot. I knew I didn’t have the time to make a long post about this issue so I thought I’d go style rather than substance =) Now someone needs to do the laser charging one… come on, you know what I mean!


16 09 2008






17 09 2008


Excellent succint summary of the “differences” of DB, DBZ, and of course, the horrid plot device instating “power level” (And thank you for not mentioning GT). We can all learn lessons from when formerly humorous things take themselves too seriously. *cough cough Yugioh cough cough* I think I am going to have to start reading this blog of yours.

18 09 2008

Master Roshi using the Kamehameha as a freezing wave to put out the fires at Ox Satan castle = best rendition of the power ever (plus we get to see an old man get absurdly powerful… after being persuaded by a stripping Bulma *priceless*.)

Note: the names are taken from the Spanish version (please correct me for the current US names -as most readers are from that country-)

Thank you =) now I feel the post has been given the proper nerdy attention. I’m glad that you liked this rather short entry and I hope to see you around. Also, if you’re looking for something with a little more bite than this piece, I’d recommend both “The ‘Why’ Method” and the more recent “How to Create a Magic Item” which I consider to be probably the most useful things on my little house here.

See you guys around,

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